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Communications handles thousands of calls
County road resurfacing wrapping up
2019 blacktop resealing program
Shown is the Barton County Road and Bridge Department in action this year during its 2019 blacktop resealing program. The department tackled 97 miles this year and work is wrapping up on it.

Although the calls number in the thousands, the phone traffic experienced by the Barton County Communications Office is about normal, 911 Director Dena Popp said.

Since Sept. 1, communications has created and processed 11,160 dispatch cards in Enterpol CAD (computer-aided dispatch). This includes officer initiated traffic stops or service of civil process/court documents. 

In addition, dispatchers handled a total of 23,119 phone calls from both incoming and outgoing lines. Of those, 3,658 were 911 calls and 19,461 administrative calls answered from the public and officers/deputies. 

They also handled 93,167 radio transmissions from emergency responders, all while squeezing in several different training classes, completing re-certifications and other tasks. 

The information from 911 came during a departmental update presented to the Barton County Commission by County Administrator Phil Hathcock Monday morning. Other highlights of the report included:

County Engineer Barry McManaman

• Administrative Assistant has been printing and filing the 2019 bridge inspections for 371 bridges in the County.

• Technician did inspection work on the Railroad Avenue Resurfacing Project and is currently inspecting the new drainage boxes west of Pawnee Rock.

• Reviewed the design proposal for the project involving the Washington Avenue/30 Road intersection signing improvements and the box bridge widening on NW 50 Road. The Kansas Department of Transportation Agreement has been received for approval by the Commission.

• Cartographer working on appraisal map and NG911 map changes.

• Participated in a webinar for the new KDOT Cost Share Program and looking at potential project applications.

• Attended the annual MINK Conference to learn about KDOT and Federal program updates.

County Works Director Darren Williams

Road and Bridge 

• Assisted Hoisington on tree clean up on Sept. 5 and 6 following a storm that went through prior to the city’s Labor Day festivities. 

• Sealing County began on Sept. 12. Approximately 97 miles of blacktop has been sealed, along with city streets in Claflin and Odin, in work that rapped up last week. Now, the excess sand is being broomed off and, after that, the striping and other markings will be painted.

Noxious Weed

• Fall spraying to control broad-leaf, Johnson grass and bindweed continues. 

Emergency Risk Management Director Amy Miller 

• Barton County Emergency Management received a new printer for printing accountability and identification cards for emergency responders. Printers were provided to all 19 counties within the South Central Homeland Security Region for use with the Comprehensive Resource Management and Credentialing System (CRMCS), a web-based resource management tool. 

Emergency management agencies are able to credential personnel and equipment and then print accountability and/or identification cards for emergency responders and their equipment. The cards provide a mechanism to track personnel and equipment during a disaster. 

The printers were purchased with Homeland Security grant funds. 

• The Hazard Mitigation survey is still available for residents of Barton County to provide input on hazards and current funding priorities for mitigation grants. Residents who are interested in reviewing the current Mitigation Plan should go to and look for the Hazard Mitigation Survey under News. 

Information on the current Hazard Mitigation Plan may be found under Departments, Emergency/Risk Management, and then navigate to Emergency Planning and the current Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Juvenile Services Director Marissa Woodmansee

Training  Meetings

• Juvenile Intake and Assessment has completed 45 intakes since Sept. 1.

• Juvenile Intensive Supervised Probation and Case Management is currently supervising 30 youth post adjudication with an additional four on pre-adjudication supervision and two on-bond supervision.

• Truancy Diversion is the Case Management program for youth who have truancy issues and currently provides Case Management for 19 youth in the 20th Judicial District.

• Immediate Intervention (Diversion Supervision) has 28 youth currently participating. 

• Evidence Based Classes from The Change Company are taught throughout the district. 

• All-Stars has started in a few schools and will be started in almost of them by the end of next week.

Health Director Shelly Schneider

Epidemiology Updates:

• There has been an increase in Animal Bites in the Community. There is also an increase in non-current vaccinated animals as well as unowned animals in the community. Investigations are taking more hours to perform.

• There has also been an increase in investigative hours due to Tuberculosis. 


• The Flu Vaccine is available. Business outreaches are being scheduled as well as home services to those that are home bound. We will also provide these services to those that are immunocompromised and unable to be among people.

• Thank you to all who experienced our final push on getting our youth immunized for the school required immunizations. 

• The department provided 885 vaccines in the month of September.