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Community Team Meeting needs public input
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For the past five years the City of Great Bend has been hosting a Retail Roundtable where members of the retail world are invited to work and guide the Community Coordinator to develop retail based unification and set goals to promote local retail experiences. This year the group has expanded a bit and used the retail platform to strategic plan and set priorities to help Great Bend overall. This Community Team group met first in January and set out priorities as business owners, community members and interested persons to make improvements for Great Bend. The business world has noticed that some things can be accomplished on this group level and have a big impact on the community, which in turn can enhance their business.
Some pieces discussed were how to make Great Bend a destination for shopping, dining and entertainment. The excitement of having the City, Convention & Visitor Bureau, Chamber, Business owners and interested members working to make Great Bend a better place to live is exciting in itself. It was decided that this group wants to know from the public what the priorities are to make Great Bend better. Amy Habiger, Yours Truly owner said, “Obviously, some things will not happen overnight, but we are a group that has a strong interest in seeing our community grow...this process is one way we can set action items to see that change and growth happens.”
In part, the group would like to know your answer to this question. What is a priority for us to change or create for Great Bend to Thrive? This list will be complied and the group will meet again at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, March 28, at Great Bend City Hall to analyze and set an action plan to accomplish in 2016. Hayes stated, “There were some big things mentioned in the two meetings, we want a full list to see if we can address them, we will share with City Council, Media and the community to show what’s already being worked on and what can be accomplished.” Hayes also stated, “Change and growth is possible for Great Bend, we have many interested parties ready to roll up their sleeves and take action for the greater good.”
Submit your response to the question on paper or email only to Christina Hayes, City of Great Bend, 1209 Williams or For additional questions in regards to the Community Team Meeting call 620-793-4111.