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Congrats Great Bend drivers
GB ranks in Kansas’ top five best driving cities
safe driving city
Traffic makes its way along Main Street Thursday afternoon. A study indicates that Great Bend is among the top five safest cities in Kansas for driving.

Auto experts at QuoteWizard analyzed over 65,000 proprietary data points on Kansas drivers to find which cities ranked best and worst based on the rate of incidents (accidents, speeding tickets, DUI’s, and moving citations). 

As it turns out, when it comes to overall driver quality Kansas isn’t great, but also not terrible. In QuoteWizard’s annual best and worst driver study Kansas ranked as the 23rd worst driving state. 

Out of that, Great Bend fared pretty well, ranking as one of the five best driving cities in the Sunflower State. It was joined by Parsons, Fort Scott, Liberal and Independence in the top five.

The five at the bottom of the heap were Derby, Gardner, Pratt, Prairie Village and Roeland Park. As for the state’s two largest cities, Wichita ranked 27th and Kansas City ranked 34th.

Of Great Bend, the report said “Great Bend shares similar characteristics as Pratt (one of the worst cities) with a number of highways intersecting in the city. Given it’s similarities to other bad driving cities, you really have to tip your cap to the quality of drivers in Great Bend. For it’s high merits in our incident data, Barton county had a 26.44 road fatality rate in 2017.”

The total road fatality rate (fatal accidents including: pedestrian, bicycle, and motorcycle) was calculated from numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Kansas fell right near the middle of the pack. However, compared to its neighboring states, Kansas rated worse than all of its neighbors. With the exception of Nebraska, which ranked third worst.

Given it’s average scores, there are a few exceptions in the state. In a separate study on fastest driving cities, Wichita took the top spot as most lead footed city in the county. With Wichita’s fairly good ranking overall, the lead footed tendencies might actually be a result of police not letting anyone off with warnings. Ticket happy cops however don’t tell the full story behind the best and worst drivers in Kansas.

To determine overall driver quality in Kansas, the 50 largest cities in the state were ranked. Over 65,000 insurance quotes from Kansas drivers were analyzed using and ranked cities by the highest rate of incidents. Incidents include accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, and citations.

How long is that daily commute?

Great Bend residents spend an average of 17.9 minutes commuting

Everyone hates sitting in traffic. Less time commuting means more time for work, family, and fun. See which areas of the country of done the most to reduce the time it takes for people to get to work.

The average travel time to work in the state of Kansas is 19.1 minutes, but it varies greatly by location. In Great Bend, for example, it was 17.6 minutes, falling in at 39th place. It was previously 17.2 minutes putting it in 35th place. released a study on the Best and Worst Commutes in Kansas using the latest data from the U..S. Census Bureau.  This year saw several big changes, Colby rose from second to first, Oakley rose from sixth to second, Pratt rose from eighth to fourth, Marysville ranked for the first time, and Hays fell from fourth to sixth.

The study lists the 50 best and 50 worst commutes. Below please find the top 10 for each:  

10 shortest Kansas commutes 

1. Colby: 10.2 minutes

2. Oakley: 11.5 minutes

3. Fort Leavenworth: 11.5 minutes

4. Pratt: 11.5 minutes

5. Marysville: 11.7 minutes

6. Hays: 11.8 minutes

7. Sterling: 13.4 minutes

8. Anthony: 13.9 minutes

9. Dodge City: 14.0 minutes

10. Garden City: 14.1 minutes

10 longest Kansas commutes 

1. Mount Hope: 28.6 minutes

2. Onaga: 27.5 minutes

3. Edgerton: 27.3 minutes

4. Sedgwick: 25.4 minutes

5. Rose Hill: 25.1 minutes

6. Stilwell: 25.1 minutes

7. Spring Hill: 25.1 minutes

8. Andale: 25.0 minutes

9. Belle Plaine: 25.0 minutes

10. Yates Center: 24.5 minutes