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Construction project continues at GBHS
GBHS student Sam Hall and other students are shown adding a two by four to the building wall.

The shed and adjacent greenhouse under construction at 1812 Morphy Street are being built by Great Bend High School Career Technical Education (CTE) students. Once the construction is finished, other students will plant and tend a garden on the property, located west of the GBHS parking lot across from the school, Assistant Principal Randy Wetzel said.

GBHS agriculture instructor Kevin Hoff, and Travis Straub, who teaches the Construction Pathway, developed plans with the help of Sutherland’s to build a shed on the property. They may not get a garden in this year, but students in GBHS agriculture classes will grow crops there in the future. In the summer months, when school is not in session, Special Services students and staff will continue the care of the garden.

Wetzel noted that CTE classes are gaining popularity. “Three-fourths of our student population are in a vocational program of some sort,” he said.

Students from Great Bend High School’s Woodworking and Agriculture classes have been taking advantage of recent sunshine and warm temperatures. With the help of instructors Travis Straub and Kevin Hoff, students are constructing a shed and adjacent greenhouse to provide career and technical education opportunities.