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CORE Community seeks Friends for Leaders
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Barton County Core Community will host a mixer night for Core Leaders and potential Friends at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 23, at the First United Methodist, 2123 Forest Ave.

Core Community’s mission is to engage the community to lift families out of poverty. Core Leaders experiencing poverty take the Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World course. A Core Friend is an individual from the middle class or wealth interested in coming alongside someone making the journey out of poverty. It requires a commitment of one night a month for 18 months starting Aug. 1, and participation in three key nights leading up to the commitment.

Night one is this week’s Mixer Night, a fun night for Core Leaders and potential Friends to meet and get to know each other. Night 2: Why Core? night is on May 30. This is where people learn what is Core all about. Night 3, June 30, is Match Night, when Core Leaders who have finished the first phase of the training and Core Friends are matched together. 

For more information call or email Jan Perez at 620-792 -7995 email; or call/test or email Rachel Ellson at 620-200 - 2419 or