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December Marriage and Divorce filings
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Marriage Licenses
Shane Stanley Isern, Ellinwood and Nicole LeAnn Mayberry, Ellinwood
Arther Wayne Hunt, Great Bend and Faye Lois Fredelake, Great Bend
Andrew Justin Vosburgh, Macksville and Katie Marie Hornbaker, Macksville
Tyler Adam Jensen Reed, Great Bend and Emily Tamsan Weathers, Great Bend
Michael Kade Huddleston, Pawnee Rock and Haylee Ellexys Blake, Great Bend
Charles Edward Waknitz, Great Bend and Sandra Maxine Opie, Great Bend
James Luke Cedno II, Great Bend and Vanessa Lynn Torres, Great Bend
Zachary Neal Espinosa, Great Bend and Angel Eloisa Serna, Great Bend
Edgar Rogelio Rocha-Leyva, Great Bend and Marissa Soto-Williams, Great Bend
Nicholas Michael Richter, Great Bend and Amber Louise Beverly, Great Bend
Christopher David Hancock I, Great Bend and Taaron Alyce Deschner, Great Bend
Nathan Daniel Cass, Great Bend and Kadie Dianne Halzle, Great Bend

Divorce Filings
Toby Scott Hogan vs Mary K. Hogan
Ona Marie Steinert vs Jason Paul Steinert
Charles S. Danler vs Deborah R. Danler
Karen E. Franco vs Jayme Fuentes
Matthew Wayne Schnoebelen vs Amanda Shea Schnoebelen
Dawn M. Ensley vs Trae Glee Ensley
Kyle Shaun Clone vs Shaminy Clone
Dustin Charles Theisen vs Leena Marie Witman
Estela Arvizo vs Jaime Padilla Zapata
Debra V. Rosenberg vs Mark A. Rosenberg
Donna K. Drew vs John David Drew
Adam Lee Weaver vs Nancy Lina Weaver
Mark A. Hefley vs Stacy Hefley
Danyelle Jo Taylor vs Aaron Taylor