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Driver, pedestrian offer 2 versions of accident
Truck driver unaware of collision

Great Bend Police investigated two injury accidents last Saturday on 10th Street. Neither involved life-threatening injuries, according to the police reports which were released Wednesday.

Pedestrian hit by Jeep
A pedestrian who was hit by a Jeep at 10th and Pine St. last Friday initially said he wasn’t hurt, but reported the accident to the GBPD at least eight hours later after a trip to the emergency room. The pedestrian, Randy Baker, 42, and the motorist, Luis Enriquez, 25, both residents of Great Bend, had different versions of the accident when it was investigated by the police on Saturday.
Baker said he was crossing the street around 11 p.m. Friday when he was hit on the right side of his body and fell to the ground. The driver, Enriquez, did stop but at the time Baker believed he was not injured. The driver gave his vehicle information.
About an hour later, Baker said, his right arm began to hurt and he went to Great Bend Regional Hospital to have it checked out.
The investigating officer wasn’t able to contact Enriquez immediately, but found the Jeep, which had no visible damage to the front end. The officer noted that the hood of the Jeep was dusty.
Although Baker said he could not provide a written statement because his arm still hurt, the ER staff told the officer they were unable to locate any injuries to Baker’s right arm or body.
When Enriquez was contacted, he said the accident occurred at 7 p.m., not 11, and confirmed the time with a text message he sent to his girlfriend. According to Enriquez, he was traveling at a slow rate of speed but didn’t see Baker at first because it was dark outside and Baker was in all black clothing. He said he was almost to a complete stop when the Jeep hit Baker. He said he insisted that Baker be taken to the hospital, but Baker refused. Enriquez said he gave all his information to Baker so he could contact him if he needed anything.

Driver did not stop
Another 10th Street injury accident was reported at 9:34 a.m. Saturday, just after it occurred.
A Peterbilt owned by RTS Livestock Hauling of Galena, Mo., and driven by Robert Dahmer, 54, Galena, rear-ended a Toyota Camry driven by James Huntley, 17, of Hoisington, at 10th and McKinley. Huntley said he was driving east approaching the intersection when the light turned yellow and the vehicle in front of him slowed down, so he also began to slow down and was rear-ended. The truck driver did not stop.
Huntley reported pain in his leg after his left knee hit his steering wheel during the impact. He moved his car out of the intersection and was transported to GBRH by his parents.
The Peterbilt was found on 10th St. at the U.S. 281 Bypass. The driver said he did not know he hit another vehicle, so he did not stop. Dahmer said he felt something hit his vehicle somewhere in the city, but he said he did not know exactly where. He said he was unaware of the damage to his vehicle, the police report states.
The entire back end of the car was damaged, while the Peterbilt had damage to the front bumper and the passenger side of the front end.
Huntley was later released from the hospital.