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Drone takes flight over Great Bend Rec Activity Center
Aerial shot of the GBRC Activity Center playground.

Students from Park Elementary School, along with their principal Phil Heeke, came out to the Great Bend Recreation Activity Center on Thursday to take aerial photos of the new playground with a drone.
This was a project for the Drone Club, which is an after school program at Park Elementary.
Four children participate in the club at the school.
“It’s their future,” Heeke said. “They have to have all their work done and keep their grades up to be in the club.”
The club has been around for two years.
Each child has their own job within the club. These jobs are pilots and battery technician.
Children in the club this year are, Natasha Reyes first pilot, Julian Love second pilot, Raul Lozano pilot in training and Jacob Quintero battery tech and future pilot.
The students at the school call the drone “Tiger Eye In The Sky” nicknamed after the school mascot.
The drone is capable of flying 400 feet in the air and a mile out. It is controlled by a built-in GPS system which allows it to be very steady during flight. There is also an attachment on the bottom of the drone that holds a camera. The camera is controlled by a cell phone or a tablet.
Video footage of the drone is available below. Extra videos can be found at the Park Elementary Facebook page here.