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Dubuque to get second stop sign
The idea is to slow traffic on NE 230 road
dubuque stop sign pic 1
Shown is NE 230 Road westbound into Dubuque on the Barton-Russell county line. The Barton County Commission Monday approved installing a stop sign on NE 230 to slow traffic at the intersection of NE 90 Avenue. This is a view on NE 230 looking east.

Noting the often speedy traffic through the intersection, the Barton County Commission Monday morning approved installing a stop sign for west-bound traffic on NE 230 Road coming into the small community of Dubuque where it meets NE 90 Avenue.

The corner is located about seven miles northeast of Beaver on the Russell County line in Beaver Township. Although NE 230 hugs the Russell County line, it is maintained by Barton County.

“We were approached by a citizen of the little town of Dubuque,” said County Engineer Barry McManaman. “They felt there was a traffic hazard up there.”

The issue is the traffic headed west on NE 230 which is a blacktop until it takes a slow-speed turn south on NE 90 Avenue. However, NE 230 continues eastward as a gravel road.

Problems can arise when motorists fail to slow down as they head east. Shelter belts and other trees along the roadway limit sight distances, he said.  

“My recommendation is we install the stop sign,” McManaman said. This would bring the east-bound traffic on NE 230 to a halt.

There is already a stop sign for drivers headed west on the gravel portion NE 230 at the junction. “Stop signs are normally put up in pairs,” he said.

“I think this is a good idea,” said Commissioner Kenny Schremmer who travels the road frequently. “There is a lot of traffic there,” much of it headed to Lake Wilson.

McManaman said they will monitor the area to see if further is action is needed. A stop sign can be placed on NE 90 Avenue, which dead ends at NE 230, as well if necessary.

dubuque stop sign pic 2
This shows NE 90 looking north towards NE 230.