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High school artists win scholarships to BCC
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Andrea Klepper of Ellinwood, left, won Best in Show 2-D, and Amber Karst, right, won Best in show 3-D. They are pictured with Barton Foundation Director Darnell Holopirek. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

About 120 students from area high schools visited Barton Community College Thursday to participate in Vortex Fine and Performing Arts Day and three of them walked away with $500 scholarships from the Barton Foundation.
Vortex Fine and Performing Arts Day is designed to stimulate and enhance students’ interest and excitement in the arts. Students had the option to enter their artwork in the juried exhibit in the Shafer Gallery and to sign up for various workshops presented by Barton arts faculty such as music, theater, dance, creative writing and storytelling. Scholarships were given to the three Best In Show awards.  
Winners and their schools are:
Paintings –1st, Jin Lim, “Explosion”- acrylic -TMP-Marian; 2nd, Jin Lim, “Blooming Cluster” - oil; 3rd, Jesus Segura, “Blooming Light” - acrylic- Great Bend
Drawings – 1st, Daniel Marshall, “Colorosus Boletus”- color pencil - Great Bend; 2nd, D. Ash Wieland, “Just Remember It’s All In Your Head”- ink- Great Bend; 3rd, Roque Garcia, “King”- marker-Great Bend
Scratchboard and Prints – 1st, Cameron Bichter, “Bird”- print making - Hoisington; 2nd, Cody Phelps, scratch art - Hoisington; 3rd Ansley Herzog, “White Stripes”- linoleum cut print - Ellinwood
Charcoal/Pastel –1st, Katy Barret, “Harry Styles” - charcoal - Hoisington; 2nd, Laken Blair, “Reflections”- charcoal - Ellinwood;3rd, Tanner Swank, “Arctic Morning”- charcoal - Ellinwood
Digital Imaging – 1st, Abbi Demel, “Path Beyond Far Away Stars”- photoshop- Hoisington; 2nd, Logan Evers, “A Forgotten Era”-photography -Great Bend;3rd Theresa Agnew, “Friendship is Love”- abstract photography - Great Bend
Mixed Media –1st Presley Smith, “In the Life of Cancer”- clay/graphic-Hoisington; 2nd, Shawn Turley, “Prairie Woods”- acrylic/clay - Hoisington; 3rd, Nick Doerschlag, Bailey McBride, Desmond Noah, Kagan Blackwell, “Color of Music”- collaborative, Hoisington
Functional Ceramics – 1st, Rachel Schloctermeier, “Hurricane”- Ellinwood; 2nd, Colton Churchill, “Antler Attraction”-Ellinwood; 3rd Desmond Noah, “Snake Vessel”-Hoisington
Sculpture – 1st, David Calderon, “Gas Mask”- ceramics - Great Bend;2nd, Chelsea Day, “Efflorescence”- mosaic- Ellinwood; 3rd, Caleb Maneth, “Man Down”- ceramics- Great Bend
Fibers –1st, Mikayla Lang, “Blue and Gray Basket”- coiled basketry - Great Bend; 2nd, Madisen Sandy -coiled basketry - Great Bend;3rd, Olivia Lowry, “The Mermaid”- Hoisington