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Students interact with author via Google+
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Author Fritz Kling, president of Kling Philanthropy Group LLC, joined Dr. Henry Lederles Intro to Missions class in a unique way, using Google+ Hangout. The class had the opportunity to listen to him talk about the book and engage in a time of discussion.

With advancements in technology, there are more opportunities for creative teaching methods in the classroom. Professor of Theology and Ministry Dr. Henry Lederle took advantage of the possibilities that technology provides by inviting the author of a book used in his Intro to Missions class to interact with the students through Google+ Hangout, a video chat and conference service. Fritz Kling, author of “The Meeting of the Waters: 7 Global Currents that will Propel the Future Church,” joined the class for a day, engaging in discussion with the students and answering their questions.
Lederle, who also serves as the director of missions, has worked with Kling over the past four years through the missions department and other personal connections. The book was chosen for the class because it addresses the future of global missions.
“Fritz is on the cutting edge of modern missiology,” said Lederle. “He has a wealth of knowledge based on his overseas travel. His book addresses the issue of the tectonic shift that is taking place as missions move from a western-oriented project to a global south-oriented endeavor.”
Every student read the book and wrote a paper on the material, choosing one of the seven trends for their focus point.
“Being part of a Google+ Hangout with Fritz Kling was an incredible opportunity,” said senior Wes Cates of Flagstaff, Ariz. “He was willing to dig into key issues facing the future of missions such as mutuality and post-colonialism. He also was able to apply those concepts to our current generation. It was a definite blessing.”
Kling is the president of Kling Philanthropy Group LLC, an organization that uses research to help provide guidance to donors as they make decisions about investing charitably to different organizations. Over the past two decades, they have worked in 40 different countries, overseen 500 grants and started several local charities.