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Ellinwood Municipal Court Docket - October 14, 2015
Ellinwood Municipal Court image

James Harbison; No Insurance; Dismissed - proof shown
Donald White; No Proof of Insurance; $300.00 fine, $55.50 court costs; Pled No Contest
David Madden; Driving while Suspended; Continued to: 10-27-15
Cody Arnold; Driving while Suspended; Illegal Transporation of Liquor; Minor in Possession; Failed to Appear
Jamie Moore; No DL in Possession; No Turn Signal; Failed to Appear
Zakary Pflughoeft; Exhibition of Speed; No Insurance; Continued to: 10-27-15
Marcus Snow; Driving while Suspended; $250.00 fine,$55.50 court costs;Pled Guilty; Expired Tags; $30.00 fine; Pled Guilty
Perri Pribble; Theft by Deception; Failed to Appear Criminal Trespass; Failed to Appear
Andrew Tucker; Disorderly Conduct; $400.00 fine, $55.50 court costs;Pled No Contest; Lewd & Lascivious Behavior; Dismissed w/o prejuduce
Glenn Whitaker; Pit Bull Dogs Prohibited; $50.00 fine,$55.50 court costs; Pled Guilty; Dog at Large; $50.00 fine; Pled Guilty
Jamie Moore; Interference with LEO; Failed to Appear
Steven Woodruff; Barking Dog; $25.00 fine,$55.50 court costs;Pled Guilty
Cierra Ramsey; Vehicles on Private Property; $50.00 fine,$55.50 court costs; Pled Guilty
Ronald Cornell; Battery DV; Pled Not Guilty; Violation of Court Order; Pled Not Guilty
Katie Kimzey; Minor in Consumption; $100.00 fine,$55.50 court costs; Pled No Contest
James Harbison; Battery DV; Pled Not Guilty
Denice Whetham; Battery DV; Pled Not Guilty
Eric Rocha; Theft; Failed to Appear
Chet Whetham; Driving while Suspended; Trial: continued to 10-27-15
Laveina White; Illegal Tag; No Proof of Insurance; Theft of Services; Trial: Failed to Appear
Jay Kroulik; Driving while Suspended; $1,000.00 fine,$55.50 court costs;FTP: forfeit bond
James Harbison; Driving while Suspended; $100.00 fine,$55.50 court costs;FTP: payment arrangements made
Dannah Hill; Illegal Tag; Failed to Appear
Jerry Bishop, Jr.; Theft of Motor Fuel; $250.00 fine,$55.50 court costs;Failed to Appear
Dannah Hill; Possession of Stolen Property; Failed to Appear