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Exiting Supt. gets extra $90k
Separation agreement reveals differences between Reed, BOE

Brad Reed won’t be charged a $10,000 liquidated damages fee allowed in his contract, according to the “Separation Agreement and Release” approved by the Great Bend USD 428 school board on Monday. Instead, the Superintendent will be paid the remainder of his 2016-2017 contact, including benefits, and an additional lump sum payment of $90,000 in January, subject to standard tax deductions and withholding.
The Great Bend Tribune obtained this information after filing a Kansas Open Records Act request at the Great Bend USD 428 District Education Center on Tuesday. The agreement notes that “differences have arisen between the District and Mr. Reed and both have an interest in facilitating Mr. Reed’s separation from the District.”
It goes on to say that following discussions that resulted in the agreement, “Mr. Reed voluntarily resigns from his employment effective on June 30, 2017.”
“The district’s liability insurance will cover and defend Mr. Reed regarding any claims, counts, grievances, causes of action, demands, liabilities or suits brought by any third parties against the district or Mr. Reed that occurred while Mr. Reed was acting within the scope of his employment as superintendent of USD 428.”

Resignation letter
The agreement was approved Monday with Reed’s signature on a letter to the school board. That letter read:
“Please accept this letter as my retirement/resignation effective June 30, 2017. I am also requesting the board grant me an extended leave of absence through that date. I have truly appreciated working with the board and staff of USD 428 and being a part of the Great Bend community.”

Reed’s contract with the district went into effect Jan. 27, 2014 and continued through June 30, 2016. He was to receive a $120,000 salary plus expenses and benefits, and the salary would increase to $125,000 when he received a valid doctoral degree. Benefits include 20 days of vacation, sick leave and other leave, as well as health and dental insurance, and moving expenses for relocating to Great Bend.
On Dec. 14, 2015, the board voted 6-0 to increase Reed’s salary to $134,000, starting the following month. He also received the same 1 percent pay increase as other district administrators in July of 2016.