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Hearing set to determine fate of old warehouse
new deh city council old building pic
Shown is the building at 623 Baker that has been determined to be unsafe and dangerous. - photo by DALE HOGG Great Bend Tribune

 The dilapidated building at 623 Baker once served as a warehouse for the C.O. Mammels grocery store. Today, it is a dangerous eyesore, the Great Bend City Council decided Monday night.

Council members adopted a resolution setting June 6 during the City Council meeting for a public hearing on the unsafe structure. A complaint and notice that the building was unsafe and dangerous was sent to owner, Professional Cargo Services Inc of Wichita in an issue dating back to last summer. 

The notice stated that the building needed to be repaired or razed. It detailed the problems with the building, Code Enforcement Officer Stuart Baker said.

“It is a hazard,” Baker said.

City Inspector Lee Schneider found the building and premises dangerous for several reasons. In the notice sent to Cargo Services Inc. in July of last year, Schneider noted the structure required repairs to eliminate conditions including:

• The roof of the largest building has collapsed and the interior is exposed to the elements and as such is unsafe and dangerous.

• A portion of the dock on the west side of the building and the canopy above the dock has deteriorated to such a point it has partially collapsed. Rebar is showing and canopy roof has deteriorated to the point there are holes in it. Rebar is exposed in the collapsed dock and other parts of the dock on the west side are starting to fall apart.

• Portions of the floor have collapsed into the basement.

• The structure and lot are a blighting influence on the neighborhood and the structure is unsafe and dangerous to all who may pass by.

Should the owner raze and demolish the structure, they must clear the lot of all debris and secure the proper permits for demolition.

Currently, despite the structural condition, Professional Cargo Services is parking its trailers in the back, Baker said.

Baker talked to the owner last summer and was assured of his plans to repair the building, but nothing happened. Then the property was up for sale on the Barton County tax sale, but it was redeemed by the owner.

Baker said he visited with the owner last October and discussed the owners plans for getting repair bids. “But, there’s been nothing since then.”

There have been complaints from area residents who have reported seeing the building deteriorate, Baker said.

Baker has had people express an interest in purchasing the property just for the lot itself.