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Family of Dade Cannon to mark landmark birthday serving others
Community can help with donations to Ronald McDonald house
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Dade Canon, 2018

HOISINGTON — The organization Kans for Kids Fighting Cancer learned recently the family of their long-time friend Dade Canon will mark what would have been his 16th birthday this weekend by “paying it forward” with a day of service at the Ronald McDonald House in Kansas City. The family was a frequent guest there for nearly a decade as Dade underwent treatment for Leukemia beginning when he was diagnosed at five years old. 

The organization described Dade as “humble and kind to everyone he met along his journey.” The communities of Barton County and beyond followed his progress and offered support over the nine years he battled the disease. He celebrated his 14th birthday on Dec. 15, 2017, and died Jan. 12, 2018. 

“Dade would have celebrated his 16th birthday on Dec. 15, 2019,” a release from Kans 4 Kids sent by email Tuesday stated. “You have an opportunity to help Dade’s family ‘pay it forward’ in honor of his sweet 16.”

Dade’s mother, Christy Huslig, asks the community to join the family in celebrating and honoring his memory, and shared a list of items that can be donated to meet the needs of families staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Kansas City. Huslig and Celia Nicolet will travel there to deliver donations and prepare and serve a meal to families staying there in January. 

Donations can be dropped off at the Kans 4 Kids office in Hoisington at 169 S. Main from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or to Sweet Dreams Candy Shop, 1917 Lakin Street in Great Bend from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday or 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. 

The Kans 4 Kids release quoted Huslig, “Thank you all for your love and prayers.” 

Families staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Kansas City would appreciate donations of the following:



• Breakfast Cereal

• Sweet Snacks (fruit snacks, animal crackers, cookies, etc.)

• Salty Snacks (chips, cheez-its, pretzels, etc.)

• Breakfast Bars/Granola Bars

• Pop-Tarts

• Artificial sweetener (Splenda or Equal)

• Mayonnaise

• Spreadable cream cheese

• Frozen microwave meals

• Shredded or sliced cheese

• Muffin mixes

• Jell-O cups

• Coffee Creamer (plain & flavored)

• K-Cups, assorted flavors

• Sugar

• Ketchup

• Salad Dressings

• Pickle relish

• Canned pasta (Spaghettio’s, Raviolio’s, etc.)

• Apple Juice & White Grape Juice

• Hot Chocolate

• Cake/Brownie mixes

• Sliced sandwich bread

• Ramen Noodles

• Mac ‘n Cheese

• Cream of Chicken Soup

• Cream of Mushroom Soup

• Canned Green Beans

• Croutons

• Fruits and vegetables (fresh or frozen)

• Hot dogs

• Coffee

• Instant Oatmeal

• Tuna

• Peanut butter

• Jelly


• Sanitary Pads and Tampons

• Travel-Sized Toothpaste

• Pull-Ups

• Deodorant (men’s and women’s)

• Baby Wipes

• Travel-Sized Shampoo & Conditioner

• Liquid Hand Soap

• Instant Hand Sanitizer (full & travel‐sized)

• Toothbrushes (individually packaged)

• Shaving Cream (small)

• Disposable Razors

• Diapers, size 4 and up

• Contact Lens Cases and Solution


• QT gas cards

• Amazon Gift Cards

• Union Station Gift Certificates ($10 & $25)

• Sea Life/Legoland Passes

• Kansas City Zoo Passes

• AMC Theaters Passes

• Grocery, Target, Wal‐Mart, Home Depot and  Costco gift cards

• Men’s, women’s and children’s slippers

• Men’s and women’s PJ pants or sweatpants

• I-phone chargers

• Gift cards for local restaurants

• Umbrellas

• Earbuds


• Powdered Bleach/Bleach Pods

• Laundry stain remover

• High-efficiency liquid laundry detergent

• Liquid dish soap

• 40‐50 gal. trash liners

• Boxed disposable non‐latex gloves

• Air freshener (Febreeze)

• Swiffer Wet‐Jet pads & liquid solution

• Swiffer dry mops & dry pads

• Toilet bowl cleaner & brushes

• Disinfectant wipes

• Sponges/Scrubbers

• Paper towels

• Mr. Clean Magic Erasers®

• Dryer sheets

• Scouring powder (Comet or Ajax)

• Dishwasher detergent

• Glass cleaner

• Scotch-Brite green scrubbers


• Standard‐sized pillows

• Full-sized blankets

• Large plastic food storage containers

• Aluminum foil

• Disposable coffee cups

• 40‐50 gal. trash liners

• Kitchen‐sized (13‐gal.) trash liners

• Ziploc gallon-sized bags

• Napkins

• Umbrellas

• Crib sheets

• Disposable cold drink cups

• Hand-held can openers

• Ziplock bags, gallon-sized

• Dish towels and dishcloths

• Large rectangular casserole dishes