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Food drive recalls mothers love
Donate food at 10th St. Dillons Thursday
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Cindy Huslig

A daughter’s loss of her mother has been transformed into a tradition of providing food for those in need.
Non-perishable items can be donated to the Community Food Bank of Barton County from 3-6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 22, at the drop-off in front of the Dillons Store at 4701 10th St.
Kayci Huslig has organized the food drive in memory of her mother, Cindy Huslig, who died in 2013. Cindy Huslig was a lifetime Barton County resident who owned Ernie’s Bar and Grill and worked as a rural route carrier for the Hoisington Post Office. She was a member of Prince of Peace Parish at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church and the Altar Society, both of Great Bend.
This year’s food drive is being held on what would have been her 59th birthday.
The most-wanted items are soups, chili, beans, canned veggies or fruits, peanut butter, tuna, pasta and rice.
Kayci Huslig said the first year she organized a food drive was during her last summer with her mother.
“I was home from college for the summer and was wanting to volunteer in some way. I came up with the food drive idea because it felt like something I could organize on my own and make a sizable difference that I could see and be proud of,” she said.
“My mom was always incredibly supportive and this was no different,” Huslig continued. “She had wanted to come by that day to see everything in action but was feeling too sick from her cancer treatments to make it.”
Kayci took the items home that evening and took a picture before delivering them to the Food Bank the next day. She shared the photo with her mother.
“She was so proud of me when she saw the mountain of donations on our kitchen table that day. Now I’ve continued doing the food drive in memory of her. Each year has beaten the record set from the year before,” she said.
Kayci Huslig said the need at the food bank is highest during the winter and holiday seasons.
“Please make a difference by giving the gift of food this Christmas,” she said. “All donations are greatly appreciated and will be given to the Community Food Bank of Barton County.”