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Fort Hays State University Department of Agriculture launches new degree programs
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HAYS — Fort Hays State University is once again addressing the needs of students and tomorrow’s workforce by developing three new degree programs in agriculture. Beginning immediately, FHSU will offer degree program emphases in Agronomy Business, Agricultural Leadership, and Agricultural Communication.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, current trends show a national shortage of college graduates in agricultural sciences and predicts an overall growth in agricultural and natural resource occupations. Fort Hays State graduates, known for their resilience and ability to adapt and apply cutting-edge technology in real-world situations, will be positioned to lead in the agriculture workforce in the coming years. 

“We are excited to bring these new degree program options to the marketplace because they are based on what employers and students say they need in the fields, co-ops, and offices” said Dr. Clyde Cranwell, chair of the department of agriculture. 

The degree program in Agronomy Business has its roots in FHSU’s constant commitment to innovation and ensuring students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to make a difference in today’s rapidly changing agriculture industry. Fort Hays State graduates are known for their excellence in traditional crop production disciplines and emerging agronomic technology, precision agriculture, and soil science.

“We reached back out to employers—to those who are working with our students in internships and employing FHSU Tigers after graduation and found that those going to work in co-ops in the rural mid-west needed a unique mix of agronomy and agriculture business classes,” said Cranwell. “This degree combines rigorous academic courses in business, marketing, and finance with foundational classes in agronomy sciences and precision agriculture.”

The agronomy business program will be available on-campus. However, many classes are available online and provide an opportunity for some students to blend online and on-campus learning to fit their lifestyle.  

The new degree program emphases in Agricultural Leadership is a partnership between the FHSU Departments of Agriculture and the renowned FHSU Department of Leadership Studies. This new degree option is available online and on-campus. It provides students with a versatile program of study designed to develop students for leadership positions in local, state, regional, and national agriculture organizations.

“The Agricultural Leadership program focuses on the development of leadership capabilities, communication skills, and broad preparation in agriculture and how to apply these theories and skills in real-world situations,” said Cranwell. 

This flexible degree is available entirely online, providing students around the world the opportunity to earn the credentials necessary to advance their career, earn enhanced salaries, redirect their career path, and make an impact in their local communities. 

The agricultural communication degree program will prepare students to understand and communicate specialized agriculture science and information through advertising, public relations, journalism, graphic design, and telecommunications. When students graduate, they will have established a skill-set to create communication materials using new media and technology and be prepared to work in a rapidly growing agriculture industry segment. 

“Our mission is to graduate students from the program who feel empowered to tell the story of agriculture to consumers, legislators, and other key stakeholders,” said Cranwell. “Students will graduate from FHSU prepared to go to work helping to market their own livestock and products or to pursue careers in agricultural organizations and industry.”

The department of agriculture at Fort Hays State University provides applied, hands-on learning and complementary foundational courses that empower students to succeed in the growing, continually changing agricultural industry. These new degree programs are one more step in delivering quality online and on-campus programs that prepare students for rewarding careers and ensuring a well-trained, skilled workforce in the vital agriculture industry.

For more information about the new degree programs in Agricultural Communication, Agricultural Leadership, and Agronomy Business at Fort Hays State University contact the agriculture department or visit