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Garden PRIDE
new_Vlc_PRIDE garden.jpg
Larned City Manager Brad Eilts surveys the PRIDE Community Garden with a volunteer Monday afternoon. The Larned PRIDE chapter invited members to enjoy lunch at the garden and learn what’s new this year from volunteers active with the project. The community garden is tended by community members who sign up to help, and in exchange receive harvesting privileges. Those who wish to pick from the garden without a volunteer commitment are encouraged to leave a donation to help cover the costs associat

LARNED - At noon on Monday, the Larned Community PRIDE chapter hosted its annual lunch and program at the community garden in Larned.  Members learned what's new at the garden this year, and shared a meal that included potato salad made from potatoes grown in the garden. 

Volunteers help to plant, weed, and maintain the garden, and in exchange can harvest from the garden.  It is also the site of Larned's Farmers Market held Saturday mornings throughout the summer.  

new_v;c_PRIDE communtiy lunch.jpg
Larned PRIDE chapter members prepare trays of food at the annual lunch at the PRIDE Community Garden Monday. Volunteers talked about the popularity of the garden which provides access to healthy fresh vegetables for those in the community who enjoy helping in the garden and by donation. This year, signs indicating some items were ‘not ready to pick’ are being tried in hopes of educating visitors about what is ready throughout the season.
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PRIDE members converse about the herbs and vegetables growing in the garden. The planters were created years ago by community gardeners from materials salvaged from an old silo, arranged to look like two butterflies. Dill, cilantro, lettuce and ‘patty pan’ squash are looking good.
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PRIDE garden volunteers and their children visit the orchard after enjoying lunch at the garden Monday. A few cherries remained from the June harvest for the kids to enjoy right from the tree. Pears and apples, as well as apricots appear to be abundant this year, but it will be a few months before they are ready to be picked. - photo by Veronica Coons
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Children of PRIDE members look longingly Monday afternoon at the remaining cherries left at the top of this cherry tree located at the community orchard just west of the vegetable and herb beds at Larned’s PRIDE Community Garden. This has been an uncommonly favorable year for tree fruit in the orchard, with many of the trees in the early stages of production. Later this summer, PRIDE members anticipate a good harvest.