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He is in our thoughts and hearts
Wife of missing man pleads for information
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Pictured is Charles McHenry and his two sons Tyler and Braydon. McHenry has been missing for over a year and the family seeks help finding him. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

Below is a letter written by Lindsey McHenry about her missing husband who was last seen in May of last year:

To whom it may concern,

As you have read on several occasions my husband Charles McHenry has been missing since May, 6, 2016. He was last seen getting into a black two-door car. He is more than just a brief story that you’ve read. He is more than just a lost face amongst the missing. He is a man. He is a father, a husband, a son, a brother and a friend. He has two small boys ages 7 and 1, they are his whole world. Our 7 year old and Charles were so very close, he looks up to his dad, he is his super hero. He is a kind and loving man. He has a laugh that is infectious. He is a loyal friend that will give you the shirt off his back if you need it. He would continue an argument for hours just so he wouldn’t have to admit he was wrong. It has been a great loss while he’s been gone, it gets hard wondering where he is and why he isn’t home with those who love him most. I know that someone, somewhere, knows something. I just hope they will come forward, even anonymously, and just please let us know where he is. His boys deserve to know the truth and have answers.

I am offering a reward for information that leads to Charles. He is in our thoughts and hearts every second of every day, and all we want is him home where he belongs with those that love him most. Please help us bring him home.

 Linsey McHenry last saw her husband one year and one month ago Tuesday as he drove off in the family vehicle at 5 p.m. on May 6, 2016. No one has seen or heard from the Great Bend man since. 

“This is difficult not knowing,” Linsey said. Their oldest son, 7-year-old Tyler, still asks where his dad is and their youngest, Braydon, was a mere one month old at the time of the disappearance.

“He is more than just a brief story that you’ve read,” she said. “He is more than just a lost face amongst the missing.”

“It’s all the unanswered questions,” said Great Bend Police Detective John Reynolds, who is the primary investigator on the case. Both he and Lindsey sat down with the Great Bend Tribune to make a plea for information.

“There were numerous, numerous rumors,” Reynolds said. Supposedly, McHenry was last seen getting into an unknown make two-door black vehicle with an unknown tag number somewhere between Great Bend and Hoisington.

In the beginning, tips rolled in, the detective said, but not anymore. “I still get an occasional phone call.”

Reynolds said he follows up on every lead. He has been assisted by Detective Dave Paden at the Barton County Sheriff’s Office and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

“Our ultimate goal is to get information out there and hopefully someone will come forward,” he said. He suspects foul play, but has no evidence to back that suspicion.

“It gets hard wondering where he is and why he isn’t home,” Linsey said. “I know that someone, somewhere, knows something.”

McHenry, now 28 years old, is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs approximately 180 pounds. He has black hair and black eyes and has tattoos on his left arm: a cross that says Tyler on his upper arm, and an eagle with a flag on his lower arm.

“He is in our thoughts and hearts every second of every day,” Linsey said. “We want him home where he belongs.”

Anyone with information can contact Reynolds at 620-793-4120, Crime Stoppers at 620-792-1300 or 888-305-1300, the Sheriff’s Office at 620-793-1876, or the Great Bend Kansas Bureau of Investigation office at 620-792-4353.