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Hemp coming to farm, ranch expo
Various aspects of hemp industry, agriculture to be addressed
farm expo pic
Pictured is the 2019 Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo. For the 2020 installment, hemp farming will be addressed.

BIRD CITY — Bird City-based farm show promoter Star Expos announced recently that the it will add hemp components to all of its expos, including McCook, Neb., Wichita Falls, Texas, and Great Bend, said Star Expo owner Darren Dale. The 2020 Great Bend show is set for April 8-10.

“Once again, Star Expo’s are leading the field in technology as we are excited to be adding hemp components to our shows,” he said. “Agriculture has been waiting a long time for this opportunity.”

Hemp production will allow producers to diversify their farming programs and create new markets, he said. The benefits of hemp to the ag industry are massive for the future of agriculture. Commodity Exchanges are being created for both industrial and medical hemp products giving buyers, sellers and traders the place and tools to trade.

“Hemp production in our communities will help create jobs to bring families back to rural America and keep our rural schools open with an influx of new students,” Dale said. “There are so many opportunities for producers to excel with the addition of hemp in their operation. Hemp produces high-quality oil, protein and fiber products, plus we get the bonus of textiles. There is a growing consumer market for hemp-derived products.”

Hemp industry expert Brian Waldrip will be featured at the events. Waldrip is a personal friend of Dale and his wife Tana.

With over 20 years of experience in agriculture in multiple growing climates domestically and 13 years in cannabis-specific cultivation, Waldrip has been a key consultant for medical cannabis growing and is a leader in sustainable practices of the emerging U.S. hemp industry, Dale said. 

“As an active hemp farmer currently based in the four corners region of Colorado, Brian has unique experience to help first-time farmers be successful,” he said. “Knowing what works, what doesn’t work and how to identify your niche in the industry are all priceless aspects of establishing a profitable operation.”

Waldrip brings his experience and public speaking skills to the hemp expos to guide visitors into the projected multi-billion dollar industry that is U.S. hemp, Dale said.   

Waldrip will be covering topics including:

• Hemp production for CBD extraction

• Hempseed oil and fiber production

• Methods to maximize yields with minimal startup cost

• Offer a full overview of the many ways hemp can become a consistently reliable crop as well as invigorate your local economy.     

And, as in years past, Star Expo’s has a variety of exhibitors that include cutting edge displays for farm and ranch equipment, seed and chemicals, agricultural services, irrigation manufacturers, financial providers, commodity organizations, colleges, governmental services, home services, furniture and art galleries, boutiques, hats, boots and more. “There truly will be something for everyone,” Dale said.

“Trade shows are the future of agriculture and it puts the buyer and seller together in a non-electronic mode where people care and take action to see others succeed,” he said.