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Hoisington approves zoning change application
Popps to build at 7th and Main
new_vlc_Hoisington vacant lot pic.jpg
The Hoisington City Council added their approval to the Hoisington Planning Commission’s approval for a residential to commercial zoning change requested by Mayor Dalton Popp and wife Bobby Popp for this property located at the corner of 7th Street and N. Main St. The Popps will house both of their businesses here in the near future. - photo by Veronica Coons

HOISINGTON — Mayor Dalton Popp sat with patrons briefly Monday night as the Hoisington City Council considered his and wife Bobby’s request for a zoning change on a piece of property in which he has an interest, located at the northwest corner of 7th Street and N. Main St. 

After hearing from two individuals with general concerns, the Hoisington Planning Commission unanimously approved the request to rezone the property from R-2 residential to C-2 general commercial at a Sept. 17 hearing, City Manager Jonathan Mitchell said. In addition, a neighboring property owner, Stacy Urban, had reached out to him personally before the council meeting to voice her support of the Popps’ plan, he added. 

Popp stated that he had also spoken to John and Michelle Moshier, neighboring property owners to the north, and Dr. H.K. Ritter, across the street to the south.

“Neither one of them had anything against it,” Popp said. “They were all for it.” 

Councilperson Michael Aylward inquired about fencing, and Popp responded that he did not intend to build a fence, and neither of the neighboring parties had requested he do so. 

The Popps plan to operate their personal businesses in the structure. According to Planning Commission minutes, the majority of the building, 1,200 square feet, will be a beauty salon and boutique. The additional 500 square feet of the building will house Popp Operating’s office. 

While the building itself will be a commercial structure, the style will be residential, with a shingled roof and siding similar to new construction in the area. There will be separate entrances to each business. 

“It’s going to look more like a home than any type of metal building,” Popp said. 

Parking will be angled off-street parking accessible from 7th Street, similar to parking in front of Dr. Ritter’s office across the street. Aylward expressed approval. On the north side of the building, the existing driveway will be extended to the structure, with no outside storage planned. 

Councilperson Becky Steiner inquired about Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility. Popp assured her they intentionally plan for wheelchair accessibility. 

No variances for easements were included in the request. 

“What we want to put up will fit on there, and it will meet our needs,” he said. 

The request was approved unanimously by a voice vote. Popp said they will break ground as soon as possible, with hopes of completion early in 2019.