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Hoisington City Council updates code
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HOISINGTON — The Hoisington City Council approved the 36th edition of the Uniform Public Offense Code (UPOC) at Monday’s regular meeting.

The code, which is approved annually, was published by the League of Kansas Municipalities in 1980 as a measure to provide a comprehensive public offense ordinance for Kansas cities. The UPOC contains approximately 100 public offenses that can be adjudicated in municipal court.

While many of the provisions parallel state law, the UPOC also contains offenses that are frequently enforced only within cities.

In other matters, the council discussed but took no action on staffing concerns at the police department.

In his report, City Manager Jonathan Mitchell discussed with council members the City’s response to the county-wide mask mandate.

While a majority of the council opposed the mandate, councilors authorized city staff to take action to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, including closing the City Office to the public, and staff wearing masks when interacting with the public and when social distancing is not possible.