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Homicide investigation in Rooks County closed
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ROOKS COUNTY – The Kansas Bureau of Investigation, along with the Rooks County Attorney, and the Rooks County Sheriff’s Office, shared that the investigation into the murder of Mark Reif has now been closed.

Following an extensive and thorough investigation, it was determined Jon Flowers, 47, of Inman, was responsible for the murder of 56-year-old Mark Reif. No evidence exists indicating any other person was involved in the crime. 

Forensic testing has now been completed in this case and it revealed that a fired cartridge case located at the murder scene was fired from a pistol belonging to Flowers that KBI agents collected during the investigation. The bullet removed at autopsy from Reif was also determined to have been fired from the same firearm. 

Additionally, when Flowers was discovered dead in his home, a suicide note was nearby that claimed responsibility for killing Reif. 

The preliminary autopsy of Flowers concluded that his death was the result of suicide. The investigation is officially being closed. Nothing further will be released.