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Humane Society seeks home for blind miniature horse
This miniature palomino horse is available for adoption at the Golden Belt Humane Society. It is mostly blind in both eyes.

Where he came from is still a mystery, but the Golden Belt Humane Society is seeking a home for miniature palomino horse that is mostly blind.

GBHS Director Heather Acheson said the horse was a “stray” that showed up south of Great Bend. He is a stud that is estimated to be 7 years old and is mostly blind in both eyes.

He has been in the care of GBHS since May 24 and the owner has not been found.

The horse was underweight when he was picked up but has put on pounds with a diet of alfalfa pellets and hay.

He is easy to lead but strongly prefers to be walked with the human on his left side, Acheson said. That becomes clear in a video posted on her Facebook page, where a handler walks the horse and then moves to his right side (her left) and has no success in continuing.

The horse is described as having a gentle, sweet personality.

While in the care of the GBHS, the horse has had his teeth floated, which is basic equine dentistry that involves gently filing sharp points from a horse’s teeth. He was wormed and vaccinated for rabies, and had a Coggins test which came back negative. The Coggins blood test is used to show if a horse is a carrier of the viral disease Equine Infectious Anemia.

After a good brushing, his caregivers found the horse’s coat and feet are in good condition. He just needs a steady diet and is otherwise in good health, Acheson said. However, he will need a home that can accommodate him and keep him safe. Since the owner has not come forward, this horse is available for adoption to the right person for $300.

To schedule an appointment to see the horse for possible adoption, call the GBHS between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. The telephone number is 620-792-4297.

Other animals

While the GBHS is mostly known as a place to adopt dogs and cats, other animals do occasionally show up. In May, the humane society found homes for a couple of chickens. This month they also advertised a pair of bonded brother guinea pigs that needed to go together, and a single guinea pig that needs a friend. As noted on the GBHS Facebook page, guinea pigs are social creatures and do better in pairs.

Animal abuse

The GBHS is seeking information about an incident that happened Monday, June 14, between 1 and 1:20 p.m.

A white passenger car or small white SUV was heading north on U.S. 281 between Great Bend and Hoisington around the Barton Hills area when witnesses heading southbound saw two kittens being thrown from the vehicle. One kitten was hit and killed by a different vehicle and the other kitten could not be found. Both kittens are white, estimated to be around 4-6 weeks old. 

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the Golden Belt Humane Society, 620-792-4297, or the Great Bend Police Department, 620-793-4120.