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Im running as me
Now running as a Democrat, LaPolice says his values remain the same
new deh alan lapolice mug shot
Alan LaPolice

 Alan LaPolice is running as the sole Democrat in the First Congressional District race against Republican incumbent Republican Roger Marshall and GOP hopeful Nick Reinecker. 

But, LaPolice shuns party titles.

“I am running as me,” he said. He challenged Marshall as an Independent in 2016 and Tim Huelskamp as a Republican in 2014 (narrowly losing).

“The Democratic Party has graciously given me space on its ticket,” he said. He has already received the party’s blessing and there are no third-party contestants for the seat.

Although running with a “D” by his name, “I have not changed (in his heart) changed my party affiliation,” he said. “I am pro-American. I am a loyal patriot to the United States of America.”

The candidate is a Gulf War veteran and lifetime farmer. He grew up on a dairy farm in Washington County and his family farm earned the Century Farm Award and he still works on that same land.

“Agriculture is very high on my agenda,” he said. 

Four years ago when he ran against Huelskamp, the divisiveness in government was swelling, he said. “It has only gotten worse.”

Even though he runs as a Democrat, he said he believes in the four pillars of Ronald Reagan Republicanism – free trade, fiscal responsibility, family values, and a strong, but appropriate, defense. However, we are in the midst of  trade war, the trade deficit has mushroomed to $3 trillion due to over spending, we have a family value crisis facing our immigration policies and we have been using our military to occupy oil-rich regions of the Middle East for over a decade, he said.

He said his goal is to unite disgruntled Republicans, moderate Democrats, and Independents and Libertarians. This coalition, he said, would be what the state and nation needs.  

First Huelskamp and then Marshall have failed to live up to their promises to set aside partisan politics. He vows to straddle the isle.

So, the national debt climbs and the regulatory mandates get more onerous. “The size and scope of government has increased under Republican stewardship.”

But, he harks back to the halcyon days of President Dwight Eisenhower. Wise infrastructure investments made then and the tax codes enacted at time helped make America a global super power, he said.

The father of three, LaPolice is a career educator and farmer, and Washington County native. He and his family live in Clyde, in Cloud County.

Reinecker of Inman, runs the Harvest Cafe. 

Tim Huelskamp, the Republican Marshall replaced, withdrew from the race.