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Jordan takes the stand; trial continues
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The prosecution’s final witness in the trial of Steven Terry Jordan was a 911 dispatcher who presented a recording of a call make around 1:35 a.m. on Feb. 6, 2013.
A sobbing 22-year-old woman said she was in bed when she heard a crash as someone broke through the front door. She said she was attacked “by a black guy with a big knife. He raped me.”
She told the dispatcher she didn’t know her attacker. She also said she was 11 weeks pregnant.

Jordan, now 46 years old, is the Great Bend man accused of breaking into a residence on Morphy Street and raping the woman. His accuser, now 25, testified Tuesday in Barton County District Court.
Jordan took the stand on Wednesday.
The trial was scheduled for three days but will go at least one more day. The prosecution rested Wednesday and the defense called several witnesses, including Jordan.

The prosecution has presented DNA evidence, testimony from a sexual assault nurse examiner and the detective work of the GBPD, but Jordan doesn’t deny having sex with the woman who a block away from him in 2013. He told the jury that the sex was consensual.
During the investigation, police were looking for a 6-foot-tall black man, 180 pounds, age late 20s to early 30s. But the victim told her neighbor it was a short, bald black man, and the neighbor suggested that sounded like “Dewey,” which was Jordan’s nickname.
GBPD Detective Heather Smith included his picture in a “photo lineup” and the woman identified Jordan as her attacker.
Brandon L. Rogers knew the woman was pregnant and thought the baby was his. A later paternity test proved he was not the father. Rogers, who said he avoids Barton County now so he can stay sober, testified for the defense. He admitted using meth at the woman’s house, and with his friend Edward Gray and with Gray’s uncle, Jordan, who was “like family to me.”
Rogers testified that the front door was already damaged and was not secure, and had been that way since they moved into the house.
He then testified that he and the victim had “rough” sex about 24 hours prior to the alleged rape.
Barton County Attorney Douglas Matthews questioned Rogers’ motive.
“You’re not saying what you are today to get back at (the victim)?”
“No sir,” Rogers said.

Jordan’s testimony

With Jordan on the stand, his attorney Lynn Burke got right to the point. “Did you rape (the victim)?”
“No I didn’t.”
“Did you force her to have sex with you?”
“No, I didn’t.”
He said he went out on his porch to smoke, and saw her on her porch, also smoking. He did know her, he said.
“I’d talked to her a couple of times with Edward and with (Rogers). ... I walked over and I asked if she just wanted to smoke some meth. I knew she gets high.”
He said they shared a pipe and then had sex.
Jordan denied breaking in the door. When he walked out, he forgot his wallet, which was problem since he’d promised to pay for sex but didn’t really intend to. He said he turned back but she had shut the door.
“I pushed it with my hands and it opened up. I didn’t kick or push with my body,” Jordan said. He did hear a crunching noise.
The woman was inside and Jordan said, “She looked shocked.”
She asked, “‘So are you going to tell Brandon what we did?’ I told her, ‘I will.’”
Jordan said he didn’t want Rogers to know what he’d done. But, he said, “I didn’t want her to tell him.”
The jury should hear closing arguments and begin deliberations Thursday.

Additional reporting by Dale Hogg