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July Marriage and Divorce Filings
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Marriage Licenses
Kyle Hampton Wilder, Hoisington and Krystal Nichole Bohn, Hoisington
Joseph Eugene Bahr, Great Bend and Anita Marie Lobmeyer, Great Bend
Christopher Michael Robinette, Temple, Texas and Heath Dawn Stos, Temple, Texas
Stephen Roy Burkhead, Neodosha and Sarah Jean Hickel, Claflin
Dawrin Gene Ferguson, Great Bend and Amy Sue Atteberry, Great Bend
Gregory Scott Glynn, Great Bend and Maggie Mae Gregg, Great Bend
Jose Luis Garcia-Figueroa, Ellinwood and Katelin Delynn Clawson, Ellinwood
Arturo Pulido, Great Bend and Esmeralda Flores, Great Bend
Paul Henry Clark, Great Bend and Karen Dawn Brooks, San Antonio, Texas
Ray Steven Byers, Hoisington and Jaime Michelle Kuhlman, Hoisington
Rogelio Resendiz, Great Bend and Ana Rosa Rivera, Great Bend
Willie Kent Rolo, Great Bend and Meghan Elaine Carey, Great Bend
Shane Alfred Becker, Great Bend and Julie Ann Hood, Great Bend
Trey Michael Poncin, Great Bend and Shelby Elaine Davis, St. John
Keith Michael Dannebohm, Great Bend and Alyssa Kate Dickson, Great Bend
Idris Wyn Hughes, Ellinwood and Connie Jo Oliphant, Kinsley
Carl Jerome Osburn, Great Bend and Catherine Dukes, Great Bend
Daniel Salinas, Great Bend and Dolores Yeraldin Lopez, Great Bend

Divorce Filings
Nicole Mayberry vs Jared Kent Mayberry
Malissia D. Pflughoeft vs Brian John Pflughoeft
Ceterino Sanchez vs Annamarie L. Ortiz
Jonas David Grubb vs Danille R. Grubb
Sandra Ritterhouse vs Lyle G. Ritterhouse
Tonya Brookshire vs Greff Thomas Meadow
Angela Thompson vs William Thompson
Thomas Beckwith vs Tracy D. Beckwith