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Kansas Division of Vehicles announces two new features to improve and simplify customer service
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Kansas drivers can now track their driver’s license production status online and receive automatic updates when changes are made to their driving record.
The two features are available on both the Kansas Department of Revenue’s website in the vehicles’ section under driver’s license and on the Division of Vehicles’ free mobile app KSVehiclesConnect.
For security purposes, Kansas does not produce driver’s license in its offices. Instead, customers are given a 60-day temporary license print out and the driver’s license is produced offsite and mailed to the customer’s residence usually within three weeks. This allows Kansas to include security features on the cards that would not be available if they were produced onsite.
With the Driver’s License Mailing Status check, customers can enter their driver’s license number, first and last names and date of birth to see where the license or ID card is in production status. The status will tell customers if the card has been sent for processing, received and is waiting to be printed, has been mailed or has been delivered.
The second feature will allow customers to received automatic text or email alerts anytime there is a change to their driving record. This includes a status change such as suspended, revoked or restricted and if new communication is posted such as a letter. This will help customers stay informed about their driver’s license status without the need to visit an office or call to talk to a specialist.
Customers can sign up through the division’s Driver’s License Status Check feature. After entering their full name, driver’s license number and date of birth, customers will be able to view their license status, driving record and view copies of notices and at the bottom of the screen enter their email address or mobile phone number to receive updates.