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Kansas senators react to Biden’s speech
Both call programs too costly and doubt president’s bipartisan pledge
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Roger Marshall

In his first joint address to Congress President Joe Biden declared Wednesday night that “America is rising anew” as he called for an expansion of federal programs to drive the economy past the pandemic and broadly extend the social safety net on a scale not seen in decades.

However, saying they are willing work with the Democratic president, Kansas’ senatorial delegation, both Republicans, said the cost of the plans is too high. They also felt Biden falls short of his bipartisan promises.

In the speech, Biden pointed optimistically to the nation’s emergence from the COVID-19 pandemic as a moment for America to prove that its democracy can still work and maintain primacy in the world.

Speaking in highly personal terms while demanding massive structural changes, the president marked his first 100 days in office by proposing a $1.8 trillion investment in children, families and education to help rebuild an economy devastated by the virus and to compete with rising global competitors.

But, “this was the lowest energy speech I have ever personally heard on the House floor, Roger Marshall said. “Obviously, this was a speech about government control of our lives. What we heard tonight from President Biden was more of his pitch to sell his partisan wish list that raises taxes, spends more money, increases regulations, and pushes the American people to government dependency. History will record President Biden as having spent more money than any other President in U.S. history in his first 100 days – all at the expense of the American taxpayer.”

“Unity, bipartisanship, working together – I agree with President Biden that these are all things that should and can represent the federal government, but we are falling far short,” Jerry Moran said. “Pledges for unity mean nothing without listening to those with opposing points of view, finding common ground with them and agreeing to compromises.”

The President demonstrated he was unwilling to work with Republicans by forcing his partisan $1.9 trillion relief package through Congress without a single Republican vote, Moran said. “Overreaching, partisan legislation that costs trillions of taxpayer dollars isn’t the right path forward.” 

While he said he’s eager to work with the president and his colleagues on improving America’s infrastructure, “the president’s $2.3 trillion proposal isn’t affordable, and it isn’t infrastructure,” he said. “I also agree that we should focus on supporting families and education, but these things are achieved through creating jobs and opportunities, not by adding an additional $1.8 trillion spending package.”

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Jerry Moran