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Welcome Inn What Nots
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Activities week of  Jan 2 - 8
Paraffin Spa - Monday and Thursday - 11 a.m. - Makes your hands feel great! Under the supervision of Byron Stilts
Balance & Flexibility Class - Tuesday and Friday - 11 a.m. - About a 30 minute class led by Betty Tauscher
Welcome Inn Board Meeting - Wednesday - 12:45 p.m. - everyone is encouraged to attend.
Coffee Time -Tuesday - 9:30 a.m. - Bring food to share, or just show up!
Crafts - Thursday - 1 p.m. - Rosella Sydow has several on going projects.
Wii games - Wednesday - 11 a.m. - Come in and play a variety of fun games!
Mexican Train (dominoes) game! Every day following lunch.  Come play with us!
Birthdays: Sunday - Luella Dahlquist; Tuesday - Venita Zink; Wednesday - Karol Carden;  John Gilkison
THE WINNERS ARE: The Thursday before Christmas, the Annual Christmas Raffle was held. Following are a list of the items that were raffled off along with the name of the individual that won it: Light Green Quilted Quilt - Mitchell Craft; Neck Tie Pillow - Roger Haberman; Baby Quilt and Pillow - Anita Scott; Gold Tree Top Angel - Ben Appel; Red Hat Throw - Barbara VonFeldt; Red/White/Blue Crocheted Throw - Betty Tauscher; Teddy Bear Pillow - Dora Wagner; Christmas Picnic Service - Ida Shelton; White Embroidered Pillow Cases - Judy Solko; Can Opener - Rosella Sydow; and the Neck Massager - Lee Cotton. Thanks to all that participated in our Christmas Raffle.