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Many new books at Hoisington Library
The Cardinal Catalog
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There is nothing better at Hoisington Library than new books.

We have gotten so many in January that all ages should be happy! Thanks to memorials on behalf of Bob Glenn, a grant from CKLS, and our own budget, we’ve added more than a 150!

If you have a grandchild or child who says they don’t like to read, we’ve got some new books even they would like, I believe.

In addition, I wanted to remind parents of young children about the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. Any child under the age of five from Hoisington can receive a free book per month. Enroll at the library. Barton County United Way and various entities in the county pay for this program to benefit every child in the county.

This is the first month we have had our Lit/rpg books. This category of books is a combination of science fiction and fantasy with the added element of including video games. If you have a millennial or older teen, they might be interested in this category of books. Let them know.

We have the “The Divine Dungeon” series by Dakota Krout as well as several other series.

A few of the beautifully illustrated juvenile non-fiction picture books are: A woman and a dog walk to the North Pole-“Helen Thayers’ Arctic Adventure;” for gymnastics fans, Laurie Hernandez-“She’s Got This;” Holocaust-“Hedy’s Journey,” slave’s freedom-“Freedom Soup;” The true story of a deaf pygmy marmoset, “Ninita’s Big World;” “Rocks, Minerals, and Gems;” “All about Airplanes and the Railroad;”

Juvenile sports fans: “Basketball Record Breakers; “Quarterback Rush; “2020 in Sports;” Rick Mahomes;” “Legends in Baseball;” “Slippery Business;” “Soccer Score;” “World of Soccer: “Venus and Serena Williams:” Michael Jordan-“Dream Big;” “Big Book of Basketball;”

Graphic novels, which are today’s comic books: R.J. Palacio, Holocaust-“White Bird;” 10 Science Comics including-“Dinosaurs,” Flying Machines,” “Plagues,” “Polar Bears,” “Robots and Drones,” “Rockets,” “Skyscrapers,” “Solar System,” “Trees,” the newest the Bad Guys 

“The Baddest Day Ever.”and “Wild Weather.”

Juvenile chapter books: “Sweep, The Story of a Girl and her Monster,” “One-Third Nerd;” “A Wolf Called Wonder;” “The House with Chicken Legs;” “The Taylor Swift Story” and “The 104 Story Treehouse.”

Young Adult: Julie Murphy-“Dear Sweet Pea;” Alexander Gordon Smith-“The Devil’s Engine;” K.R. Gaddy-“Flowers in the Gutter” and the entire Ellen Hopkins, “Crank” series.

Karen La Pierre is the director at the Hoisington Public Library. She can be reached by email at