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March Marriage and Divorce filings
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Marriage Licenses
Amy D. Fryberger, Ellinwood and Distin C. Wheeler, Ellinwood
Sara E. Espino, Great Bend and Jose A. Castruita, Great Bend
Miguel A. Gonzalez, Great Bend and Dulce I. Parra Holguin, Great Bend
Jared M. Keenan, Hoisington and Alecia A. Neifert, Hoisington
Timothy J. Browder, Ellinwood and Marie A. King, Ellinwood
Brady L. Blazek, Great Bend and Kayci M. Stevenson, Great Bend
Tera L. Giesen, Great Bend and Dakota W. Zecha, Great Bend
Adrian J. Lemuz, Great Bend and Emily R. Sanchez, Great Bend
Malinda J. Willard, Claflin and Connor D. Creech, Claflin
Lexi N. Demel, Great Bend and Jacob A. Deutsch, Great Bend
William Chalres Leeper, Great Bend and Maria Magdalena Corkill, Great Bend
Sammy J. Graffia, Great Bend and Connie S. Konzem, Great Bend
Gary L. Chambers, Hoisington and Natalie Anguiano, Great Bend
MacDaniel V. Holman, Hoisington and Ashley L. Orebaugh, Hoisington
Rodney L. Moss, Ellinwood and Trina K. Davidson, Ellinwood
Richard L. Allen Jr., Great Bend and Amber L. Quinn, Great Bend
Advian Sanchez, Great Bend and Emma Cardoza, Great Bend

Divorce Filings
Amanda Marie Baxter vs Michael P. Baxter
Cecil Burt Graves vs Brenda Elaine Graves
Judith A. Lange vs Roy F. Lange
Larry G. Ruble vs Linda A. Ruble
Bradley Comstock vs Allison Nicole Comstock
Stevi R. Blackburn vs Kevin Lee Blackburn
Terry Gene Thoren vs Barbara Thoren
Nicole Diane Morrison vs Robert Charles Graff
Jeanne S. Byers vs David Byers
Eugene Finch vs Kristie Nixon
Nathan Duane Wood vs Jennifer Lee Wood