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March Marriage and Divorce filings
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Marriage Licenses
Steven Parr, Great Bend and Amber Riggs, Great Bend
Zachary Becker, Great Bend and Brittany Snowden, Great Bend
Todd Fredrick, Great Bend and Amanda Hadden, Great Bend
Kyle Kreigh, Great Bend and Maggie Miller, Great Bend
Chrisopher Fyler, Albert and Felicia Pruett, Albert
Matthew Ford, Fort Riley and Allison Levingston, Great Bend
Shane Simmons, Great Bend and Stephanie Turner, Great Bend
Fernando Ruiz, Great Bend and Mitzi Garcia, Great Bend
Richard Vandegrift, Ellinwood and Carol VanDegrift, Ellinwood
Keith Stevenson, Great Bend and Jamie Rupp, Great Bend
Jacob Becker, Russell and Carlie LaTourell, Russell
Luis Pando, Great Bend and Kelby Grande, Great Bend
Julio Heredia-Torres, Great Bend and Raquel Garcia-Montoya, Great Bend
Brandon Werth, Great Bend and Kenda Smith, Great Bend

Divorce Filings
Stephanee J. Chapman vs Justin W. Chapman
Mary Shefferd vs James Shefferd
Caitlin A. King vs Jeffrey A. King
Ciera M. Linn vs Kyle D. Linn
Tammy Lynn Norwood vs Jan Michael Norwood
Jerod Allen Birzer vs Wendy Noel Birzer
Sierra Cheyenne Thorne vs Kristi Marie Thorne