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Marshall in favor of $5.7 billion in security funds
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Roger Marshall

WASHINGTON D.C.- Thursday, Congressman Marshall was proud to vote for $5.7 billion in border security funds, fully funding President Trump’s request. The funding was included as part of a partial continuing resolution that funds several agencies through February 8th. The bill now goes to the Senate where it faces an uncertain future.

“Folding to Nancy Pelosi on national security matters is not what I came to Washington to do,” Marshall said. “And I’m glad to see my Republican colleagues in the House stand strong to do the work the American people have demanded. After tonight, voters know we are serious about securing our country’s borders.”

The fate of the bill is unclear now that it heads to the Senate, and a partial shutdown is still possible if a final bill doesn’t reach the President’s desk by Friday night. Dr. Marshall remains fully prepared to work through the holidays to make sure border security funding is protected.

“Kansas farmers back home will be working on Christmas Day, the cows have to be milked and the cattle fed,” Rep Marshall said. “As a physician, almost every year I delivered a Christmas baby, so I am perfectly accustomed to working through the holidays to do my job. Anyone who thinks that we are going to get a package that prioritizes border security when Nancy Pelosi takes over the House in January is delusional. The Senate now has the opportunity and responsibility to our country to fight for secure borders and keep the government open.  ”

Congressman Marshall, while frustrated with the process, is proud that the president listened to the people’s House today and stood firm in his call for border security.

“We must stop viewing this issue as an either-or situation; we can have immigration reform and border security,” Rep. Marshall said. “Fixing our immigration system moving into the next Congress will require both!”