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'Messiah in the Passover' offered tonight
chu slt Messiah Last Supper

For thousands of years, the Passover meal has been celebrated by the Jewish people in commemoration of the Old Testament account of their escape from Egyptian slavery, the beginning of their long trek towards “the promised land,” and their hope in a Messiah who would deliver them from bondage forever.
“The Messiah in the Passover,” a vivid and exciting demonstration showing how Jesus fulfilled the ancient feast, is coming to Larned  from 6 to 7 p.m. tonight, April 4, at the United Methodist Church, said Kay Stack, from Larned’s Nazarene Church, a co-sponsor of the program. The program begins with the presentation of the Passover Seder table and all the articles of the traditional celebration. With special emphasis on the redemptive significance of the crucifixion of Christ, the symbolism of each item of the feast will highlight its relationship to the Last Supper that Jesus, the Messiah, celebrated with His disciples, Stack said. It is intended to give the Christian community insight into Jewish traditions, so the Jewish roots of Christianity can be better understood.
“Messiah in the Passover” will be presented by Eryn and Elizabeth Black of Chosen People Ministries. This ministry began in 1894, when a Hungarian rabbi, Leopold Cohn, came to believe Jesus is the Messiah promised in the Hebrew scriptures. From humble beginnings in Brooklyn N.Y., it has grown into a world-wide ministry to “the Jew first and to the Gentile.” The goal of the presentation is to help bring understanding of this common heritage between Jewish and Christian communities.
The meeting is open to the public, and everyone is invited to attend this non-denominational event. The Methodist Church is located at 701 Main St., in Larned. For more information, call 620-285-3183 or 285-6392. A love offering will be accepted.