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Natural resource winner Schroeder honored
Courtesy photo Mandy Charles and Troy Schroeder are pictured with Barton County Farm Bureau President Roger Long, right, at the 104th annual Barton County Farm Bureau meeting.

CLAFLIN – Troy Schroeder was recognized as the Natural Resource Award winner when the Barton County Farm Bureau hosted its 104th Annual Meeting at the Parish Center in Claflin on Aug. 27.

The following information was provided by the BCFB.

Troy Schroeder is a fourth-generation farmer living two miles west of Albert, enjoying partial retirement while helping his son and grandson with the farming when needed. Troy’s passion is managing conservation practices and enjoying the results of his efforts, in what he refers to as his “feel good spot.”

As a former wildlife professional, improving wildlife habitat has long been Troy’s objective. In 1986 Troy signed up for the Conservation Reserve Program. In just a couple years he saw quail on the property for the first time. His general CRP has been mostly enrolled in permanent wildlife habitat, rare and declining habitat, pollinator habitat and food plots. 

In recent years, Troy has become more interested in monarch butterflies and other pollinators. He has planted many plots. 

The biggest and most exciting opportunity for Troy came when he enrolled in Conservation Stewardship Program. This allowed him to plant 12.5 aces of a monarch plant mix for five years. This spring was the final planting giving the Schroders a total of 62.5 acres of beneficial plants for the monarchs.  

Troy has had visitors from the United States Department of Agriculture and other agency folks tour these fields and they have been impressed. Last spring the Great Bend Tribune carried a lengthy article about Troy and the important work that he performs as a conservationist.

Those traveling K-96 west of Great Bend, take time to enjoy the beauty of nature that Troy and his wife Mandy have nurtured with their dedication to conservation, hard work, and time. It is most impressive in September when the Maximillian sunflowers are in full bloom.