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New gadgets attract customers
Spring Expo 2012
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Photo by Jim Misunas Great Bend Tribune Great Bend Farm Equipment is offering a sport crossover utility vehicle suitable for adventure on-and-off the farm.

By Jim Misunas

The latest technology and new products were on display during the Central Kansas Spring Expo 2012 at the Great Bend Expo Complex. The Central Kansas Spring Expo is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday at the Expo Complex west of Great Bend.
Electronic gadgets are hot items.  Computers, high definition televisions and satellite TV were attracting steady traffic.
Even a company like Nex-Tech, known for wireless Internet and cell phones, has branched out. Nex-Tech’s latest push has been in electronic security. Thane Felzien, security supervisor, works from the Hays office.
Felzien said electronic monitoring devices have grown more popular. Such devices that monitor locks, windows, garages, carbon dioxide and cameras can be controlled by iPads, iPhones and Blackberries.  He said the security devices with the Honeywell name have sold better in the Hays area.
“People are getting more interested in protecting their homes and businesses and you get an insurance reduction if you own monitoring equipment,” Felzien said. “The people who ask about it are generally pretty interested.”
Great Bend Farm Equipment specializes in John Deere tractors, zero turn riding mowers and related farm equipment. But one of the newest twists is a sport crossover utility vehicle suitable for adventure on-and-off the farm. The most pleasant surprise was the vehicles are reasonably priced.“They’ve got them priced to be competitive in their market,” said Calvin Fox, Great Bend Farm Equipment salesman. “It’s the first year they’ve been sold by John Deere. People have showed interest in them. It provides a vehicle that will work on the job, but one you could drive off road.”
No one was having more fun than the DARE officers from the Great Bend police department officers Jefferson Davis and Gary Davis, The DARE classes are taught to sixth-grade students in the Great Bend school district for a 14-week period.
The officers showed off Fatal Vision goggles which simulate the visual perception of someone with a 1.0 alcohol level.
“We talk about the dangers of drinking and driving and how alcohol affects coordination,” Davis said.
The Fatal Vision goggles give students an awareness of how alcohol would affect coordination and stability. Students are asked to catch a tennis ball and walk along a straight yellow line with and without the Fatal Vision goggles. Few students pass the test.
“The students get a pretty good idea of what it would feel like to have your coordination affected,” Davis said.  “Anytime you can connect with the students, it’s a good thing to show the officers in a positive light.”