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CBF holds annual meeting
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HOISINGTON — The Clara Barton Hospital Foundation held its annual meeting this week, and the reports were primarily positive.

Executive Director Michelle Moshier reported that the membership drive grossed the most funds ever. A Total Body Exerciser and a Pulmonary Function Testing Unit was purchased for respiratory therapy with some proceeds.

In addition, with the proceeds of the 2011 Golf Benefit , three cardiac monitors and a sonic blood pressure cuff was purchased for the EKG treadmill.

Contributions were made to the scholarship funds.

Three flat screen televisions for patients rooms, a train the trainer device and an infusion chair were purchased through memorial donations.

Moshier thanked all of the volunteers and all of the donors.

Dr. Kipp Van Camp gave a presentation on "How to remain well rounded in our fast paced society". He spoke of the effects of stress, and the importance of learning to de-stress. He defined stress as the way your body responds to any kind of demand.

Dr. Van Camp said that two-thirds of all doctor’s visits are stress related. Stress can cause chronic fatigue, back pain, increase blood pressure, addictions and heart attacks.

"We can change," said Dr. Van Camp. "We can change our personality."

He reiterated a well-known point. "Humor is the best medicine."

A solution he suggested would be an acronym known as TARP. T stands for tuning in to early signs, A for Analyze the source, R Respond to cause; and P stands for preventing.

He also suggested hobbies, meditation, biofeedback and massage for way to deal with stress.

The treasurers report showed for 2011, the foundation has $ 496,351 in assets, up nearly a $100,00 from the previous year. Leona Berry made a major donation to the foundation of $97,017.37 in her will. She was a long time resident of the area.

President and CEO Curt Colson reported with the closure of Central Kansas Medical Center as a hospital, the result has been increased usage of CBH. He reported admissions, total patient days and physical therapy were up. In addition, the hospital has seen more new patients.

A few numbers were down, such as the operating room, emergency room and lab.

New board members were announced. For the foundation, they are Kathy Hoffman and Jim Meitner. New board members for the hospital are Marla Mooney and John Radke.