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City of Ellinwood meets
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ELLINWOOD — At its regular monthly meeting, the Ellinwood City Council held a public hearing on the 2012 budget and approved it.

"We look in pretty good shape this year," said Robert Peter, city administrator. Valuations are up, and the mill levy assessment was decreased from 39.871 to 39.845 mills in 2012.

Two Ellinwood residents spoke to the council regarding city ordinances. One resident brought questions regarding the city’s trailer ordinance. Peter explained the ordinance was drafted from a safety standpoint. It was enforced, but tickets were generally not written.

Another resident was present, asking about abandoned vehicles in the community. He thought the situation was getting worse. Police Chief Art Keffer reported that the police department is working on it. Peter estimated that 50 letters had been sent.

In his report, Peter said that very few complaints had been received about electrical bills. The city lowered the fuel charge for the month due to extreme heat. He estimated that it cost the city $35,000 but, it was "well worth it."

The council adopted a resolution extending the city’s membership in the Kansas Power Pool to 20 years. The reason for extending the term is due to the proposed purchase of the Dogwood Generating Plant in Missouri.

The Dogwood plant was constructed in 2002. It is a combined cycle natural gas plant refurbished to comply with EPA regulations.

Peter said the contract was necessary to allow for the KPP to obtain financing to purchase a 7 percent interest in the plant.

In final business, the council:

•Reviewed the delinquent accounts. Delinquent accounts are sent to the state for collections. Peter said the amount of delinquent accounts was very low.

•Heard that the last full day the swimming pool will be open will be Aug. 21 and then will be open the following two evenings from 5-10 p.m.