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City of Hoisington passes new sidewalk ordinance
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HOISINGTON — The city of Hoisington passed a sidewalk ordinance at its regular meeting last week, according to the unofficial city minutes.
New residential sidewalks have to meet or exceed American with Disabilities Act requirements. The thickness of the concrete has to be four inches and has to be five feet wide unless the sidewalk connects to narrower sidewalks.
Beginning after Jan. 1, 2014, according to Ordinance 1483, all new residential areas will be required to have five feet wide sidewalks on both sides of the street.
In existing residential areas, no sidewalk can be removed unless it is replaced. The sidewalk has to be four feet wide and four inches thick.
In addition, sidewalks in the business district  have to extend from the property line to the curb and have to be six inches thick.
Code Enforcement Officer Don Doerschlag presented four structures and properties in need of repair. They were 122 E. Railroad St., 257 S. Court St., 408 1/2 East 1st St., and 851 W. 2nd. The budget for demolition was discussed. It was the consensus of council to start the process on the Railroad Avenue property and send violation letters to the remaining property.
The city has made some changes to the animal control ordinance. Residents will be limited to seven animals at one location.           The cost of impoundment for a for dogs or cats  running at large will be going up.
For a first offense, the owner will pay $50, board costs, registration costs and any other related costs. The second offense will results in a $100 fee, board bill and related costs.
The registration date for tagging animals was changed from  a deadline of June 30 to March 31.
In other business, the council voted to hire a full-time assistant for the ambulance service due to a shortage of volunteers.
In final business, the council:
• Will start budget meetings in July.
• Heard the city is continuing to have trouble with Engine 8 at the Power Plant. Industrial Diesel will work on the engine.
• Approved Cereal Malt Beverage License for Hoisington Main Street for Hoisington Fun Days July 6.
• Accepted a bid for $19,000 to resurface the tennis court at Bi-Centennial Park. City Manager Jonathan Mitchell will approach the school district to see if they are willing to pay half.
• Adopted use of a Consent Agenda.