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City to hire part time EMS workers
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HOISINGTON — The Hoisington City Council, at its regular meeting moved to Dec. 26, agreed to hire three part-time Emergency Medical Services workers. They will be given a list of job duties which will include keeping the facilities and equipment restocked and clean.
The assistant EMS director’s position has been eliminated and has been replaced with the part-time positions per the Kansas Emergency Medical Services Association suggestion.
The change will result in more coverage with less cost.
In other business, the city accepted the reports of the Utility Task Force and Sawvel and Associates regarding utility operations. The council concurred with rate reductions. There will be a review next July as well as a discussion the end of 2014 with a complete evaluation. The competitiveness of the electric utility will also be evaluated at that time.
The city has approved a defined policy to leave reserves in the electric utility fund at approximately $600,000.
A sketch plan of the McKenna Meadows addition has been approved by the Planning Commission. However, utility permits from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment with approval by an engineer is needed to proceed. Jonathan Mitchell, city manager, said he hoped those steps would be completed by April 1 and that the infrastructure improvements could begin by May 1. There is already some preparatory work on the guttering going on at the site.
In final business, the council approved two percent raises for employees and published a new salary schedule.
Also, they approved end of the year transfers.