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Clara Barton employees pledge funds for upcoming hospital expansion
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Clara Barton Hospital employees contribute to the expansion of the Hospital, pledging over $122,758 over five years to the Building TogetherCaring for Life employee giving campaign.

HOISINGTON — The Clara Barton Hospital Foundation, in partnership with Clara Barton Hospital, is conducting a capital campaign to raise funds for an expansion project.  The campaign started off with a bang over the last few weeks as the staff completed their “Building Together… Caring for Life” Employee Campaign.  
The employee campaign began with presentations to the staff to update them on changes coming to the hospital and the upcoming fundraising effort.  The staff then enjoyed their “Pledge Week” where they were encouraged to participate by taking part in fun activities, drawings, and friendly competitions.  
“The employee council, campaign, and foundation staff worked hard to make this an exciting event for the employees,” Nancy Sorenson, campaign director said. “It was a really enjoyable and fun week, and I am amazed with how this staff came together to make the entire event a success.”
And a success it was, with the employees pledging over $122,758, surpassing their goal of $108,000.
“What a wonderful show of dedication by this staff,” Hospital CEO Curt Colson added. “It builds my excitement for the future even more to know that our staff can come together in such a big way.”   
Most of the staff chose to give over a five year period through payroll deduction, personal time off, and several gave through a one-time donation.  
“We’ve got some work to do before the public starts hearing more about this campaign,” Michelle Moshier, executive director of the Clara Barton Hospital Foundation said. “But we are thrilled to kick it off with our staff showing the community how important this campaign is to them.”
CBH Foundation and Clara Barton Hospital are in the process of conducting a capital campaign over the next several months to help fund an expansion to the Therapy Services department and the addition of an in-house laundry service.