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Council discusses trash dumping at compost location
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HOISINGTON — The Hoisington city council discussed at its meeting on Monday the issue of trash dumping at the compost location south of Hoisington.

Fire Chief Jim Sekavec addressed the council concerning the issue.

Trash bags are being left along with limestone rocks which could damage equipment, appliances and bottles.

With the trash being dumped at the site, Sekavec expressed concern that the site could be shut down.

"This is a good thing for people," said Sekavec. "Take care of it and do right with it. People are abusing it and it is going to ruin it for everybody."

In regards to the disucssion about the official anniversary date to celebrate the beginning of Hoisington, the council agreed to keep 1886 as the official clelebration year.

In other business, Councilmember Andereck commended City Manager Mitchell for all his efforts in working to get a hotel back in Hoisington. He said he has received very positive comments.

The electric distribution line truck was discussed. Randy Miller advised he had been to Boston to look at used trucks and found them to have a lot of rust. Other options were discussed, and it was decided to look at a new or demo truck. It was consensus of the council to allow the city manager and Miller to start looking for a truck and to make a tentative purchase and if necessary call a special council meeting to approve purchase. Funds would come from the Capital Improvement Fund and Electric Operating Funds.

Motion Sekavec second Urban to sell a piece of property of less than one acre east of Roto-Mix to Ed Knight and for the city attorney and city manager to negotiate this with Mr. Knight. Motion carried.

Motion Andereck second VanBrimmer to approve revisions to the Grievance and Disciplinary Policy of the Employee Handbook. The revision would be to Article G and H of the handbook. This would streamline the disciplinary process for non-union personnel and would clarify expectations of conduct. It would also revise the time frames for grievance filing for non-union employees. The modifications would not alter the grievance process for union employees, but doing the revision would create two classes of employees, union employees and non-union. Motion carried.

In final business, the council approved:

• First Kansas Bank, Wilson State Bank and Landmark National Bank as official depositories. Motion carried.

•The Hoisington Dispatch Bank was designated as a legal official newspaper.

• Designated Jim Sekavec as president of council.

•The oath of office was given to Mayor Williamson and the re-elected Council members.

•Discussed making the city fireworks display larger.