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EGS students learn about Civil War
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ELLINWOOD — Ellinwood Elementary School fifth graders recent study of the Civil War came to life when they made Gatling guns and paper covered wagons as a part of their study.
The boys  and girls in the class competed for the best example of a Gatling, which the girls won.
The real Gatling gun fired continuously, but it required a person to crank it. However, it allowed operators to fire 200 rounds in five minutes.
In addition, the students read the book “Charley Skedaddle” by Patricia Beatty. The story is based on truth about a boy that enlists in the Union army as a drummer boy at age 12.  He wants to avenge the death of his brother by Confederate soldiers.
In the first battle, he killed a man and was so traumatized by it that he skedaddles to the mountains of Virginia. The book traces Charley’s battle with himself to find courage.
He goes from being a street fighter turned deserter turned courageous.
The history lesson came to life for the EGS students.Fifth grader Jenna Caspers said she was surprised about the changes in technology. People back then used covered wagons and walked, she said. The types of weapons used has changed a lot of since that time.
Another student, Haven Sjogren spoke about the food the soldiers ate, which was oatmeal and corn. Everything was slower, too. “They had to go to the well to get water,” said Sjogren.
The girls were unanimous in saying that they are glad they live now.
They studied about freeing the slaves and the fact the Civil War turned brother against brother. “It was heart breaking,” said Caspers.
The students were from the class of Lisa Reser.

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