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Ellinwood approves new Recreation Commission
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ELLINWOOD— Ellinwood voters answered yes to the ballot question regarding a separate Recreation Commission on Tuesday with a vote of 301 to 187. The commission will have the ability to assess up to three mills to residents.
“Glad to hear that,” said Mel Waite, rec commission committee member. “A lot of people spent a significant amount of time on the issue.”
The issue now moves on to the city council and school board. Two members of the Recreation Commission Board will be appointed by the city and two will be appointed by the city council. The fifth member will be chosen by the Recreation Commission Board.
“The first six months, they will have a lot of work to do,” said Waite. The funding will not start until early 2014 after a budget has been submitted, and the tax assessed.
One item the board will consider is whether to hire a full time director.
Waite explained that a group of interested community residents began meeting in February of 2012 to discuss the future of recreation in Ellinwood.
The committee has continued to meet once a month since the first meeting. They looked at what other communities were doing, and compared costs.
A mill levy assessment of three mills would result in raising approximately $111,000. For a home valued at $100,000, that would cost resident $34.50 per year.
The rec would work in conjunction with the school and city to share facilities.
The commission would be its own governing entity with the appointed board of directors but cannot raise the mill levy above three mills.