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Ellinwood City Council has three positions for re-election; EDH board has two positions
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The Ellinwood City Council has three positions, and the Ellinwood District Hospital has two positions up for re-election at the April 5 general election. All five positions are running unopposed. They are Mayor Frank Koelsch, Irlan Fullbright and Gaila Nielsen for the city council election, and for the Ellinwood District Hospital, Lloyd Kurtz and Marvin Sessler.

Each candidate was asked two questions: What goals do you have for the Ellinwood City Council or EDH board? and What skills do you bring to the council or EDH board?

Ellinwood City Coun cil

Mayor Frank Koelsch

1. "I want the city to get some more small businesses brought into town," said Koelsch. He would also like to address the blighted areas in town and to address the flood control issues.

2. Koelsch has eight years of experience as mayor, and six years experience as a city council member.

Gaila Nielsen

1. "Every public entity is working diligently to operate with higher costs and funding shortfalls," said Nielsen. "It is a shared goal to continue to operate the city efficiently while making Ellinwood a great community to live and raise a family."

2. "This will be my second term on the Ellinwood City Council," she said. "I’ve spent considerable time the past two years acclimating myself to Municipal government processes. I had an opportunity to attend Municipal Governing workshops after the election. Although I’ve lived in Ellinwood for over 30 years, involving oneself in the functions of the city offers a different perspective of our community. I have enjoyed being a member of the City Council and look forward to another term."

Irlan Fullbright

1. "I want to keep taxes and expenses down," said Fullbright.

2. "I enjoy serving the community," he said. "I have been on council for years. It is an avenue to do something for the city. I like the condition of Ellinwood in infrastructure, but remeber where the money comes from knowing what pays for this to happen.

Two positions will also be elected for Ellinwood District Hospital. Lloyd Kurtz and Marvin Sessler are each running unopposed for re-election.

Ellinwood District Hospital board

Lloyd Kurtz

1. Kurtz has had 20 years of experience on the Ellinwood District Hospital board. He has had an accounting and management background.

2."We need a hospital and clinic to provide as good of a citizen of community as they can get anywhere," said Kurtz. "And we are there. Our building is old, but our staff and expertise are all current."

Marvin Sessler

1. Sessler wants to see quality hospital care in the area specifically Ellinwood and to be a part of that.

2. He has been in leadership positions. He was a trustee at Barton Community College and runs his own farming business.