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Ellinwood Library Foundation plans new award for educator
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ELLINWOOD — As an award for excellence, the Ellinwood Public Education and Library Foundation will choose an “Educator of the Year” and award a stipend of $3,000 to the teacher, beginning in the spring in 2014.
President of the Foundation Board Larry Drees said that the foundation had been discussing the award for over a year, but made the decision this last spring to acknowledge a teacher. Funding will come from the foundation.
To be eligible the recipient must be a full-time certified staff member that is non-administrative and is employed during the current school year. The teacher can be nominated by any current or former student, parent, patron or staff colleague.
The final decision will be made by a selection committee from the foundation board.
The criterion includes:
•Skilled in instruction, methodology and technique.
•Committed to placing all needs of the student first.
•Worthy of respect and admiration from students and colleagues.
•Innovative and progressive mind set.
•Role model and mentor for students.
•Impacts students in the classroom in an undeniable and tangible manner.
•Inspires students to strive beyond what they believe they are capable of.
Nominations for the award should be received no later than March 1, 2014. The winner will be announced in May and the award may be presented at graduation, although Drees said those plans are not finalized.
The idea for the award came from board member Rita Feist who had received an “Educator of the Year” award while working in the Hutchinson School District.
The foundation plans to give the award every year. Teachers are eligible to win more than once.