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Ellinwood recreation survey results
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ELLINWOOD — The results of the recent survey of recreation in Ellinwood are now available.
A group of citizens in Ellinwood have been meeting to discuss recreational offerings for all ages. There were 323 responses to the surveys.
•Question 1: Do you feel there are enough recreation activities for the following groups of people living in and around Ellinwood?
Answering  yes were 17 percent for families; 42 percent for children; 26.8 percent for teens; 14.7 percent for young adults; 15.5 percent for middle age adults; 14.6 percent for over 55; and 14.9 percent for retirees.
•Question 2: Are you satisfied with the current offerings and quality of recreation opportunities provided by the City of Ellinwood?
23.7 percent said yes.                    
•Question 3: Ages of respondents
•Question 4: Have you or any family member participated in recreation activities or classes offered by the Ellinwood Program during the last 12 months?
43.4 percent said yes.
•Question 5: What Would be your reasons for not participating in activities offered by the Ellinwood Recreation Program?
I am not aware of activities offered  said 71.2 percent. I am not interested in activities offered said 22.8 percent. The times are not convenient said 21.2 percent. The cost of the activities or trip too expensive said 14.4 percent.
•Question 6: Would you be willing to pay a minimal fee for use of fitness equipment or new classes and activities?
84.6 percent  said yes.
•Question 7: Do you feel a full-time recreation director would make the program better?
58.6 percent said yes.
•Question 8: Would you support the establishment of a Recreation Commission with mill-levy dedicated for recreation for Ellinwood?
59.6 percent said yes.
Activities listed that people would like to see were cooking, exercise, walking, dance, swimming and photography.