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Ellinwood to decrease mill levy; to decrease August electric fuel charge
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ELLINWOOD — At a budget study session this week, the Ellinwood City Council is looking at a proposed decrease of the city mill levy assessment for 2012 from 39.871 in 2011 to 39.845 mills in 2012.

The city will also drop the electric fuel charge from 3.2 cents per kw to 2 cents per kw for August only because of the extreme heat. Bills will be high, so the city wanted to help out, explained City Administrator Robert Peter. "I’ll feel better about it knowing we’re doing our part."

The valuation for the city has increased. The estimated valuation for 2011 is $8,137,547. For 2010, the valuation was $7,762,647.

"I feel good about where we are at," said Peter. "We’re in pretty good shape."

Peter outlined some of the planned expenditures for 2012. They include chip and seal of streets, purchase of a police vehicle, purchase of a mower, replacement of the street sweeper and possible replacement of the compost site tractor.

Another project planned for this fall or next spring is the replacement of the wood seats, steps and flooring of the bleachers at Woman Field, as well as the addition of one more set of bleachers on each of the south fields. The wood will be replaced with aluminum.

The budget also will allow for a 4 percent pay increase for employees. Peter noted that approval of the budget for publication is not approval of the pay increase. No increase at all can be approved by the council in December.

The only fee increase the city is considering is for RV parking at Wolf Pond and along Park Street. The current fee of $8 is not covering the cost of providing electricity, the council heard. Peter will compare the cost in surrounding communities along with provided amenities to come up with a new fee.

There will be no increase in any other fee structure.