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Hoisington Municipal Court
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Leonard L. Boese, speeding 30/20, fine $30, court costs $85
Kimberly K. Byers, drive while suspended, fine $100, court costs $85
Jared L. Cregger, no proof on insurance, dismissed upon proof
Chris A. Hahn, no proof of insurance, fine $800
Chris A. Hahn, vehicle license, illegal tag, fine $35, court costs $85
Chris A. Hahn, drive while suspended, fine $100
Shayne Keese, battery, fine $100, attorney fees, $75, court costs $85
Justin C. Larson, minor in consumption of alcohol, fine $100
Justin C. Larson, battery, court cost $85
Veronica I. Lynch, battery domestic violence, trial April 5
Samuel J. Munz, drive while suspended, continued to May 3
Kolton G. Nettleingham, reckless driving
Kolton G. Nettleingham, drive in violation of age restriction
Ky D. Polzin, battery domestic violence, dismiss without prejudice
Troy K. Rich, theft, fine $85, attorney fees $75, restitution $9
Leon J. Steiner, speeding 47/25, fine $68, court costs $85
Leon J. Steiner, obstructing legal process, dismissed
Molly Stout, parking disables vehicles, continued April 5
Toni M. Zahn, harassment by telephone device, pre-trial April 5